My Mother's Day Wish

Several years ago, my daughter and I spent a good part of Mother’s Day in my studio trying to take a self portrait of us. We had lots of fun and laughs, but I never really quite got the portrait I was looking for. Self portraits are hard! A timer is great, but hitting focus, and more importantly posing, is nearly impossible.

Fast forward to this year and when my daughter asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I told her to go in and take some new portraits of us. “Whatever you want Mommy, it’s your special day” was my response. {{heart melt}} We grabbed the curling iron, some makeup and browsed the studio wardrobe for some dresses and headed to the studio!

We had so much fun doing portraits. We set up a mirror this time so I could at least have an idea of our posing, and although it was tough, I’m super happy with some of the images we captured. My daughter loves using the camera, so she had a great time (and did a great job!) posing me and taking some pictures of me as well. Finish it off with her “jumping” photos because she wanted some of her hair flipped up, and we both checked off our goal pictures for the day!

Portraits matter… they matter to me, and I’m glad they matter to her. These are memories we will have forever - and the pictures to prove it. Schedule your mother/child session today… not only for the images you will cherish for a lifetime, but for the experience you will remember!